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Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim

Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim

by Lisa Jeff

  • Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim
  • Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim
  • Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim
  • Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim
  • Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim

Get ready to enjoy your winter holidays by playing this Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim where you play as Virtual Family member and perform different house duty fairly. Maintain your sweet home and protect yourself from different danger activities. During winter holidays enjoy with your virtual family and relax your mind in these vacations. Be a virtual DAD as well as Lovely Virtual MOM and do your duty well while playing this simulation.

Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim is exciting game for all virtual family games lovers and simulation games fans. You can play as virtual boy as well as virtual girl and keep your house clean. Help your family to maintain your sweet home and be a DAD save your lovely kids from danger activities. You can also pay as virtual MOM and complete your duty as mom to maintain your home neat & clean like beautiful home. As a virtual boy you can clean your garden with the help of shovel and collect the snow for enjoyment.

Virtual Happy family Fun Sim is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you perfrom your duty as virtual family. You can play as virtual DAD, Virtual MOM, Virtual Boy and Virtual Girl respectively. Perform different home deeds and help your family member. Thrilling levels are ready to blast the game in gaming world. You can play as virtual dad and go to the market for shopping some home ingredients. You can wash your lovely car and drive carefully on city roads. 

As Virtual MOM your duty is to maintain your home and wash the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Cook different delicious dishes for the children like noodles, soup and many more. Use vacuum cleaner to clean your beautiful home. 

You can play as Virtual BOY as well as Virtual Girl and perform different household activities in this virtual family simulator. Clean your lovely garden which is full of snow and collect the snow in the corner. Dusting your room and maintain your books on shelf. Someone needs to take our the garbage and fix a leaky pipe in this thrilling simulator. Enjoy some funny activities in the snow like making snowman, snow house as well as snow ball and fight with each other with the help of snowball which called snowball fighting. Save your family from fire which occur in the room you become Virtual family holder and control the fire with the help of fire extinguisher.

Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim Features:

• Play as Virtual Family member and maintain your home
• Choose your favorite virtual member to play with 
• Compete with your siblings and smooth controls
• Lovely snow Environment and 3D Graphics
• Different fun household activities levels
• Virtual Family life simulation with addictive gameplay

Virtual Happy Family Fun Sim game is specially designed for all virtual Boy lovers and Virtual Girl simulation game fans. Prepare your family for winter holidays and enjoy winter festival in this special winter season simulation game. Perform multitask while playing this family simulation and enjoy your time with your lovely family. Complete thrilling tasks and increase your score to unlock next levels. Different camera angles and entertaining tasks made this simulation exciting and interesting.

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