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Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator

by Cipher Coders

  • Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator
  • Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator
  • Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator
  • Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator

Get ready to play Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator to raise your horse family and protect mate from wild jungle animals. Choose your favorite horse breed like brown, grey and white to enjoy thrilling game. Explore the beautiful open world in our Epic Latest Quest game. Play like best horse breed and build your family to survive in the jungle. Hunt wild animals and raise your baby horses by playing this entertaining simulator. This game is just like a story of the horse and you are living the life of the horse in the forest.

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is thrilling game for all horse game lovers and simulation game fans. There are many surprises for you in this game and you will not disappoint. You will be guided in every horse quest with unique wonderful tasks. Follow the mini map to get proper directions. Free roaming in the jungle and search food for your child. Protect your family members, mark your land, and fight the wild animal enemies. Grow your baby filly and guide him how to survive in jungle. Sleep at your horse house and live with the mate.


Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is exciting game with interesting gameplay where you play as Virtual Horse and raise your family to build your territory. Choose your horse to play thrilling game. Use your magic powerful powers in this adventure game. Build your skills, eat mushrooms and drink water to increase your power. Successfully complete quests with your hunting skills. This game is fully featured adventure and action game. Fight with dangerous Wolves and some special hunting missions made this simulator interesting as well as entertaining. 

Raise your young filly horse and save your mate from wild animals while playing this forest game. Complete journeys with eating food and drinking water to increase energy level. Make friends or struggle against jungle predators. Find carrots and mushrooms in open world jungle environment to build your energy.

Fight with dangerous animals like wolf, archer, angry bear, brutal lion and tiger with the help of hunting skills. Be wild horse and save your family. Each horse has different attacks and surviving techniques. Use your powerful kick to kill your enemies and save your horse family from forest predators. The final battle is difficult to win against archer and wild horse. Thrilling gameplay is ready to blast the game in gaming world with the help of surviving skills. 

Key Features:

• Play as Wild Horse and Raise your Family. 
• Choose your favorite horse breed to survive.
• 3D Graphics and open world environment.
• Use magical powers to protect your family from predators.
• Addictive gameplay and smooth horse controls.
• Find food to refill your Energy and raise baby horses.
• Fight against archer and wild animals like bear, lion.
• Challenge your rival horses to race. 

Virtual Horse Family Jungle Simulator is specially designed for all Virtual horse game lovers and jungle simulation fans. You will need to use your magic powers and use your brain to win the battle against predators. When your hunger level gets low you need to eat food and survive in the dark jungle with your loving horse family.

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