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Virtual Super Star Family Simulator

28 Aug 2019 Game Of The Day

Virtual Super Star Family Simulator

by Clanified

  • Virtual Super Star Family Simulator
  • Virtual Super Star Family Simulator
  • Virtual Super Star Family Simulator
  • Virtual Super Star Family Simulator

In Virtual Super Star Family Simulator you will know how it feels to be a star!

Welcome to the virtual life where you play as a super star and perform amazing film scenes with the help of your acting skills. You’re the speculator superstar, make sure to get prepared for performing all the tasks and activities in this superstar celebrity family. This is specially designed for the lovers of fashion games and Hollywood family fans.

Become a celebrity star fashionista and manage your family life and superstar life as star mom as well as super dad. Buy your favorite car and drive in the city to move from one place to another in a beautiful city. Meet with the director and discuss your movie scene while playing this superstar happy family simulator 2k19.

Key Features:

• Play the role of super star celebrity
• Choose your favorite film star Actor or Actress
• Customize your virtual star outfit as you want
• Your choices decide how the story unfolds
• Enjoy stunning theme of celebrity games

Virtual superstar family simulator is a thrilling game with unique gameplay where you select your gender (male or female) super star and lives the life of them. Celebrate your kid birthday with family and get ready for a family trip in the hilly area where you spend some quality time with family to relax your mind from film studio activities.

Crazy fans send some lovely gift for you, go and collect from your office by playing virtual movie star family game 3D. Pick beautiful pretty cat from the studio and give it to your kid on its birthday. Take a selfie with your fans and increase your follower with the help of your good attitude with civilians. Dress up your player as you want and enjoy the life of a super models in the virtual world.

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