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by Alpha Den

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Taking rolling in the deep to the next level with VORTEX.

Tilt left to slide left,
Tilt right to slide right,
Pretty simple, Pretty, huh?

Now try the same with just a TAP.
(tapping the screen changes the gravity of the ball. The ball may be on the floor of the pipe or on the roof of the pipe depending upon the ball's previous position or gravity and changes for alternative taps but remember due to gravity changes the controls gets inverted too for obvious reasons but remember the phone tilted in a position kept constant while tapping makes the ball roll to its diagonally opposite side. So use this wisely to avoid the obstacles and roll deep into the VORTEX).
Confusing, right?

Now to make it further more addictive and interesting we have added some rotating or moving obstacles.

At last the fun part.
This game(VORTEX) has 6 different power up balls which you can collect during your game play to get powered up so you can roll deeper in the game of VORTEX.
1)Speedster - speeds up your game.
2)Cruise Control - destroys all obstacles.
3)Sloth - slows down the game.
4)Titanium - can destroy a obstacle.
5)Teleport - can change the ball gravity in an instance.
6)Wraith - can phase through obstacles.

Try getting more than one power up at a time to get a amazing combination of powers which would make the game much more intresting to play.

Hey, don't get over excited some powers ups might be rotating or moving as well which makes them a pinch hard to get them. But once you get them they make the game a lot more interesting and easy.

Got hit by an obstacle?
Lost the game?
No worries you can continue the same by watching a video or buying extra lives.
If not you can use the 5 free lives which we give you at the start any time to boost your scores even further.

The game(VORTEX) may sound simple but mastering the game is the toughest part.
With simple controls (which is confusing and hard to master) and lot of power ups and cool graphics the game becomes more fun and addictive with each play.
The high score becomes bigger and bigger ball gets faster and faster game gets tougher and tougher with each game. Vortex is not only fun and addictive it tests your reflexes and skills which makes it further more interesting.
So don't waste your time waiting,
Get started by pressing the install button.
Download the most addictive casual game ever on android store/play store.

Fun Fact: think you are great at this game? Try the same with a single hand. If you dare.

No problem we have tutorials to guide you along the way.

Don't forget to review and comment the game VORTEX.

Simple to see,
Fun to play,
Hard to master,
And even harder to quit the game.

Still reading?
Good, if intrested
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Designer-Rajachola Rajendran

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