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Walk For The Magical Crystal

Walk For The Magical Crystal

by bestescapegames

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  • Walk For The Magical Crystal

App Name: Walk For The Magical Crystal

App URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walk-for-the-magical-crystal/id1223364618?ls=1&mt=8

App Description: Walk for the Magical Crystal is a point and click type fantasy game developed by
BestEscapeGames. King Charles was worried about his wife, to get cure he need to find out the magical
crystal. So, he announced to his kingdom that to find out that crystal to cure my wife. One day he
came to know the place of the crystal, he is so confident that he can cure his wife. Help him to find
out the way to get the crystal by using the magic wand. Collect the objects and solve the puzzle to
get the magical crystal. Keep playing and have fun.

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