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Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim

Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim

by confun game

  • Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim
  • Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim
  • Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim
  • Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim

Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim is a new adventure game for all the animal, hornet and insect game lovers, where you can play horns and survive in the jungle. Establish your new wasp colony, find workers for colony, search your queen and protect them from predators while playing this thrilling simulator. Control your very own Wasp in this huge insect world with your sting power. Search food for your family and survive in fantasy world with the help of surviving skills.

Do you like animal's simulator? This Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim is a game for you where you survive in the jungle and search your wasp queen for your insect world. Feed the queen and defend your life as a spider, rat, poison snake, etc. drink water and increase your health and survival in the insect world.


Wasp Insect Survival Nest sim is exciting game with entertaining gameplay where you play as wasp insect and build your world with the help of your surviving skills. This game is based on two story mode. In first mode you complete one by one and these quest are quite simple. Enter the insect world as a young wasp and build your colony. Your first mission is to find workers who will help establish your insect colony. When you find the workers then find your colony Queen. You will collect the food, increase your family, and protect them from mad enemies. Dangerous and amazing missions are waiting for you.

In 2nd mode you can move in the insect world with your wasp friends. Become the best of the world, run through the forest to find food and water. Explore wilderness and get an unforgettable experience of micro world surviving while playing Wasp Insect Survival Nest Simulator. Free roaming mode made this game exciting and interesting for all insect world.

Key Features:

• Play as Wasp Insect and Build your insect colony
• Choose your Favorite Wasp to survive
• Beautiful and amazing insect in micro world
• Challenging and dangerous levels
• Incredible wasp and beautiful queen
• Outstanding 3D graphics and smooth controls
• Amazing wasp colony
• Angry spider, mad rat and violent snake are enemies
• Collect food and fight with enemies for survival
• Enjoy realistic graphic with natural creatures

Wasp Insect Survival Nest Sim is specially designed for all microworld game lovers and animal surviving game fans. You need to search for food, struggle with other predators, harvest honey, collect pollen, protect your colony and feed your Queen. Do not forget your wasp 'health, energy, water and food indicators to survive - if we do not focus on them- there is no chance to stay alive.

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