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Ways To Be Richer

02 Jun 2018 Game Of The Day

Ways To Be Richer

by Pulse_Games

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  • Ways To Be Richer
  • Ways To Be Richer

If your dream is to be RICH, or better, MILLIONAIRE, this is a unique opportunity!
Ways to Become Rich is a STRATEGY and SIMULATION game where your main goal is to win absurd amounts of money. (With Clicker elements).

Have freedom and various possibilities to get a lot of MONEY.

• A complete Clicker game. With many new features that other games of the genre do not have.

• 3 CITIES: Los Angeles, New York and São Paulo.

• 4 personalities for the player to have advantages in the match: Ambitious, a personality balanced in every way to become rich; Investor, ideal for the stock market; Charismatic, perfect to be an online celebrity and Creative, good chances to take great notes in game reviews.

• 4 works, including: Video Producer, Games Developer, Editor ans Designer. In addition to the Stock Market and Companies, you have the possibility to invest and earn RIVERS OF MONEY.

• Featured work: Games Developer and Video Producer.

• Developer of Games, create Triple A games (Open World, FPS and RPG) and Games Mobile (Viral Game, Simulation and Puzzle).

• Gain lots of money by making videos straight from your office / bedroom. Choose your favorite category (Gameplay, Vlog or Filmmaker) and have a look at success.

• You have Upgrades that will give you advantages with your progress.

• Ranking included.

• Achievements included.

• Facebook sharing system.

• Constant updates with many new features.

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