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Weird Aquarium

06 Nov 2023 Game Of The Day

Weird Aquarium

by weirdstuff

  • Weird Aquarium
  • Weird Aquarium
  • Weird Aquarium
  • Weird Aquarium
  • Weird Aquarium

One day, while out for a walk, you find a strange tree.
As it turns out, it's a magical tree that attracts mysterious creatures.

Game Overview
In Weird Aquarium, players can collect dozens of bizarre creatures.
You might even be able to get new characters by making your Aquarium beautiful!
The creatures are in 3D and have a wide range of actions, making them endlessly fun to look at.
Incredibly easy to play! You can be as hands-off as you like!

You have the ability to get Energy from the weird creatures.
You can use that Energy to buy Items for your Aquarium.
As you buy more Items, more and more creatures will visit, drawn in by the beauty of your Aquarium.

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