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White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D

White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D

by Lisa Jeff

  • White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D
  • White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D
  • White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D
  • White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D

White Tiger Simulation is an adventure and action game where you played as the fastest and feared animal. Here comes the Ultimate White Tiger who is angry and hungry to fight epic battle in this White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D. Get ready to play Ultimate White Tigers of the Arctic game to raise your baby tigers in snow and protect mate from predators like elephant, wolf, ice bear and panda etc. This white tiger survival game includes fantastic snow environment and epic cut scenes to make thrilling gameplay.

White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D is specially made for the snow games lovers. Choose your own tiger and go in search of food. Do different tasks and become stronger. You can create a large family of tiger and perform various tasks. Your family can help you in battle and hunting also. It is epic war and battle against the elephant, reindeer, fox, lion, panda, penguin, and polar bear. These aggressive animals are always ready to kill you. Roam in the snow jungle and search food for your lovely family. 


White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D is an amazing thrilling and action gameplay where you can play as an Ultimate Wild Tiger. You will play as white tiger of the icy jungle and survive in cold environment against different enemies. Complete each quest with new interesting missions and develop your hunting skills to make more score. Search for food and fight for survival, Spot your territory, hunt dangerous animals, Eat, Drink and Sleep in winter. Complete animal killing hunts with multiple types of power attacks including claw, jump and bite attack to kill rival animals. Amazing missions are waiting for you to play as Ultimate White Tiger.

Different thrilling and amazing task made this game more special. Use your surviving skills and improve them while playing this simulator. You have to survive in this feared environment of snow forest by hunting small animals like deer, horse and stag. If you chase down so you will hunt these fast and unfear animals then your level is increased. You can chase these animals by running fast. They can run very fast and dodge you very easily. You have to make strategies to chase and hunt these animals like deer, horse. Be the best ultimate tiger, hunting the wild animals in the snow land and provide meals to your family.

Key Features:

• Choose your favorite White Wild Tiger to play with
• Use your special hunting skills and defeat your enemy
• Good Quality Sounds and amazing animations to play
• Realistic HD Graphics and Snow Jungle Environment
• Addictive Gameplay and challenging levels 
• Smooth and easy controls

Enjoy the most amazing and dangerous White Wild Tiger Family Survival 3D that is especially designed for the snow jungle survival lovers and animals fighting games fans. You have to save your family and survive in this thrilling simulator. Hunt for your family and provide them meal on time. Increase your power skills, stamina and strategy to live the life of a white tiger. Beat your rivals to get more score in this White Tiger Family Survival so that you can easily unlock the other white wild tiger.

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