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Wild Dinosaur City Attack

Wild Dinosaur City Attack

by blash wick

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  • Wild Dinosaur City Attack
  • Wild Dinosaur City Attack
  • Wild Dinosaur City Attack
  • Wild Dinosaur City Attack

Welcome to the world of bloodthirsty Wild Dinosaur City Attack action simulator, where you have to play as a historic breed of dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, and Carnotaurus to destroy the extraordinary beautiful city. Unlike the other dinosaurs fighting games, here you can enter volunteer in the city and cause destruction, wreck, mess, demolish, as well as smashes the people of the beautiful city. Amazing realistic dinosaur attack made this game crazier.

Wild Dinosaur City Attack action simulator is especially designed for the dinosaur games lovers. Terrify the whole city with your devastating entry in the vice city, you have to destroy and demolish the whole city by your amazing attacks like powerful hitting, and killer biting by your tremendous jaws. This wildness attack and outstanding city environment made this game to the best dinosaur’s city attack game.


Get ready to enter in the world of dinosaur by playing this Wild Dinosaur City Attack action simulator, amazing challenging and devastating missions are ready to play. Choose your best Dino game player like powerful Velociraptor, devastating Tyrannosaurus, and killer Carnotaurus to destroy the skyscrapers buildings, beautiful cars, pools and transform this amazing city into demolish lost city. No mercy with the people of this beautiful city, eat them with your powerful jaws and made a devastating entry. As much as possible you have destroyed the city as well as eat the civilians to get more score. You can easily unlock the other breeds of the dinosaur’s having powerful attack as well as amazing destructions skills. You have to make more destruction than the previous level of the game. This game becomes more blaster and devastating by playing such incredible missions. Show you amazing terrifying skills as well as the civilians eating skills in this Wild Dinosaur City Attack action simulation. 

Wild Dinosaur City Attack Features:

• Amazing Dino Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus to play with.
• Challenging and devastating missions.
• Destroy and mess the beautiful city.
• Eat civilians and destroy cars,
• 3D city environment with thrilling game play.
• Show your wild Dino skills.

Enjoy the most incredible Wild Dinosaur City Attack simulator, choose your favorite Dino breed like outstanding Velociraptor, monster Tyrannosaurus, and killer Carnotaurus to play. Show your wilder Dino skills and made this city into the city of dead. Grab your favorite Dino and made a devastating blast in the gaming world of Wild Dinosaur City Attack simulator.

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