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Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival

29 Jul 2021 Game Of The Day

Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival

by Trillion Games

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  • Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival
  • Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival
  • Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival
  • Wild Panda Family: Kung Fu Jungle Survival

Join unlimited wild panda family kungfu jungle survival journey!

Start your trip with cute fantasy land panda family where you play as a wild panda and survive with your family in this kung fu jungle land simulator. Explore beautiful jungle land with the help of your surviving techniques and eat some delicious food to maintain your energy level for surviving. Fight with dangerous wild animals like hungry rhino, tiger and giant elephant to save your family from these beasts.

Beautiful weather system made this jungle simulator interesting and thrilling for all panda family simulation lovers. First, you find your mate in a magical world and increase your panda clan to complete your family future. 

Climb on the bamboo tree and eat bamboo stick to fulfill your power as well as energy for dark forest survival. Train your cute panda baby how to survive and live in a wild jungle with family. Destroy rock with your kungfu fighting techniques to rescue your mate and bring her to a lovely sweet home

Wild panda family: kung fu jungle survival is specially designed for all kungfu surviving gameslovers and panda jungle family simulator fans. Go with your family on the riverside, wash your baby panda, drink water to increase your wealth and defeat hungry crocodile underwater king who is trying to attack to your family in this Angry kung fu Beasts forest survival 2k19.

Key Features:

Play the role of a cute panda family in fantasy land
Select your favorite kung fu jungle survivor to survive 
Explore the wilderness with smooth controls
Thrilling Jungle Beast Fights with smooth controls
Different objectives to explore your panda journey

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