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24 Apr 2023 Game Of The Day


by Wireless Marvels Inc

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  • WordBed
  • WordBed
  • WordBed

It’s you versus WordBed for the best word search score. Use your small advantage.

WordBed is a word search game that pits you against WordBed for the highest score. You both play the same game board. You find as many words as you can and then have your words eliminated from the board. The board is then compressed down and you continue playing. When you are done, WordBed gives it a try. But, you have one advantage over Wordbed - you can change letters when it cannot. An array of game sounds confirm every board action taken. Try to BEAT WORDBED and get an audio surprise.

Form words left to right horizontally or vertically or diagonally, Arrows will display each word found. Find overlapping words to eliminate more letters from the game board. 

WORDBED is your test bed for learning new words. 

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