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Words Builder

12 Nov 2016 Game Of The Day

Words Builder

by Vadym Khokhlov

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  • Words Builder
  • Words Builder
  • Words Builder
  • Words Builder
  • Words Builder

Do you like intellectual games, do you play with passion in the language games? Then this game is for you! The game is a combination of the elements of "Scrabble" and "Jewels."
The goal of the game is to build the maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals over time. This game requires not only speed, but also tactics and the ability to calculate the combination of a few moves ahead.
Initially you have 3 minutes for  the compilation of words. For each correctly word  you get extra time. The longer the word,  the more seconds you will get.
The game uses a dictionary words from SOWPODS.

If you want to add the support of your language in the game, contact with the developer.

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