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17 Apr 2023 Game Of The Day


by Wireless Marvels Inc

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It's you against WordSpiral for the highest score. Find words by selecting neighboring letters and click on the last letter twice to accept the word. If valid, watch the word disappear a letter at a time and shrink the spiral down. Try to remove the entire spiral. Then reset the board and ask the AI to solve the same game to compare your scores.

Once you have honed your skills you are ready for Challenge Mode. A weekly puzzle posted every Sunday morning to play against other WordSpiral players for the highest score. Check the leaderboard to see how you are doing against your challengers.

If you are stuck during a non-challenge game, you can ask for a Hint. The Ai will find the best word it can find. Use it or enter a different word.
Solve Detail mode will show you how the AI is scanning the entire board looking for the best valid word. With its extensive dictionary of 200,000 words, it might find 30,000+ valid letter combinations on a full game board.

WordSpiral is for fans of word games, word puzzles, and crossword type games. Challenge your brain, test your spelling skills, improve your quick thinking problem solving skills, link letters, find words, expand your vocabulary, see how many new words you can learn, keep your brain sharp.

Link the board letters together to form words from any neighboring letters each in any direction. But you are not allowed to use the same letter twice. Arrows will show you the word being formed. Hit the wrong letter, click the prior letter to erase it. Decide you rather use a different word, just click a letter that is not a neighbor to start a new word.

Two scoring systems exist and can be selected via the settings. The percentage system shows how close to the best score you are getting. The best score (100%) is to remove all 93 letters in 10 moves. The points scoring system, which is always used in Challenge Mode, adds together different points for each letter plus a bonus based on the word length. The game website specifies the letter and bonus points. Challenge Mode looks for the leader with the highest point score. It is you versus other players and not you versus the AI.

WordSpiral is completely different from word hunt, word connect, word find, word collect, word swipe, word cookie, word collect, craze words, word spelling, word tower, wordscape, word trip, word explorer, word stack, and WordBed type games.

This is a fantastic word puzzle app for iOS from a studio that publishes other creative word games. It is perfect for lovers of word search, word find, and word making puzzle games. WordSpiral is the best word search app for learning vocabulary and entertaining for kids and adults.

* So much fun, easy to play, hard to master
* Lively background music
* User-friendly
* Large dictionary of 200,000 words
* Fun weekly challenge against other players

***** See the game website for full play instructions *****

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