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07 Feb 2018 Game Of The Day


by GAMKIN, Inc

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X-Tactics is an episodic Turn Based RPG updated weekly, that is also a location-based game that uses player location and local weather to affect the tactical conditions of missions, which combines turn-based tactical gameplay with an original fighting game inspired combo/command skill system, and mechanics to create a new style of gameplay. In it you control a rag-tag team of secret agents who protect the World and the Truth. Are you ready?


  • Free to play as much as you want! No stamina or waiting!
  • A new RPG made by former developers of SEGA, Square Enix and Capcom.
  • Turn-based tactical combat with real time fighting game elements.
  • In-game battle conditions affected by real world location and data 
  • A wide variety of a cast of characters each with their own special abilities and story arcs.
  • Turf Wars mode where players challenge other players for control of real world “Turf”.
  • Hundreds of levels within all difficulty levels, both for shorter and longer play sessions.
  • Weekly updates with themed events containing new characters, stories and levels!

“A game that merges the Real world weather and locations with a robust Turn-based Strategy game, 「X-Tactics」 is truly revolutionary!” – FamitsuApp

"Real X Virtual. 「X-Tactics」combines Weather and Temperature into gameplay in a serious hardcore simulation game" - 4Gamer

5/5 “Fun, strategic, and keeps it coming.”
5/5 “Very cool game. Love the turn based tactical combat mix with real-time mini games.”
5/5 “Been searching for an enjoyable, well made, turn based strategy, and I finally found it in this game ...”
5/5 “Really clean graphics, smooth gameplay and exciting concept. Keep up the good work. Loving this.”.

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