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Yeti Monster jungle Simulator

Yeti Monster jungle Simulator

by Cipher Coders

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  • Yeti Monster jungle Simulator
  • Yeti Monster jungle Simulator
  • Yeti Monster jungle Simulator
  • Yeti Monster jungle Simulator

Yeti Monster Jungle Simulator is an action and entertaining simulator where you play as Yeti monster to survive in the snow jungle. Dangerous monster are ready and wandering in the Snow in search of food. Beware from them and fight with these monster villains by playing this Yeti Monster snow jungle game. Move your Yeti in the jungle and search food for your yeti family. Save your mate from these demon monsters with the help of different fighting skills and special attack.

Yeti Monster Jungle Simulator is thrilling and action simulator for all yeti game lovers. Dangerous demons try to kidnap your mate and kill your family with the help of brutal powers but it is your duty to save your family from these evil beasts by playing this yeti monster game. Save the mate with the help your powers like fighting combos as well as hard weapons. Wandering in the jungle with your lovely yeti mate and fight with dangerous ugly monsters as well as wild beasts.


Yeti Monster Jungle Simulator is entertaining game with interesting gameplay where you play as Yeti monster and save your mate from dangerous jungle beast. Different fanatic missions and challenging task are ready to blast the game in gaming world. Yeti monster roaming in the jungle and survive with his mate with the help of surviving skills as well as different fighting combos. Use your fire powers and martial combos to beat all yeti ugly monsters in this action simulator. Save your mate and lovely family from dangerous monster beast with the help of your friendly ugly monster. Different camera angle and timer missions made this game exciting. Select your favorite Yeti monster and move in the dark jungle with your loving mate. Collect the monster meat and eat them to increase your health while playing this yeti action fighting game. 

Yeti monster Jungle Simulator Features:

• Play as Yeti monster and fight with jungle Beasts
• Choose your favorite Yeti monster to survive with mate 
• Use special fire attack to save the lovely family
• 3D graphics with realistic snow jungle atmosphere
• Addictive gameplay and smooth demons controls

Yeti Monster Jungle Simulator is specially designed for all yeti monster game lovers and jungle beast fighting game. Yeti Beast family survives in the snow jungle and beware from dangerous monster villains like dragon monster, hunt monster while playing this ugly action simulator. This Yeti monster game is one of the best ugliest monsters in the world. Smooth Yeti Beast monster control made this game thrilling and beat all ugly monster villains to rule the unknown world.

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