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ZET! premium

23 Apr 2018 Game Of The Day

ZET! premium

by TezmoMedia

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  • ZET! premium
  • ZET! premium
  • ZET! premium
  • ZET! premium
  • ZET! premium

ZET! is a logic puzzle game where you need fast reaction and logic combination skills (sometimes a little patience won't hurt too).
A fun and addictive brain training game for all ages!

The Goal:
Find sets - combinations of 3 cards that are either the same or different in their properties... find as much as you can out of 81 cards - and do it as fast as possible!

✓ Premium
This Premium version is completely ad-free and includes many exclusive items!

✓ Training mode
Play the tutorial to learn the logic game first - then practice without time pressure in training mode!

✓ Solo mode
Play against the clock solo, set new highscore records and impress your friends!

✓ Online mode
Play online in nerve-racking realtime multiplayer matches (up to 3 players) against your friends or players worldwide!

✓ Arcade mode
Master the challenges of Arcade mode, use power-ups and reach higher levels to earn lots of coins!

✓ Leaderboard & Achievements*
Earn more coins by unlocking achievements and perpetuate in the leaderboard! (*requires Google Play Games)

✓ Customization
Unlock countless items in the shop, customize the game to your very taste and give it a unique style!

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