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Zodiac Solitaire

Zodiac Solitaire

by AlgoTech

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  • Zodiac Solitaire
  • Zodiac Solitaire
  • Zodiac Solitaire
  • Zodiac Solitaire

Zodiac Solitaire is a uniue solitaire game having a unique layout and equally unique gameplay. The aim of Zodiac Solitaire is to build four foundations up from Ace to King and another four down from King to Ace (by suit).

The game contains a very unique layout. A row of 8 piles at the center is called the "equator". One card is dealt to each pile in the equator. 24 piles which surround the "equator" are called the "zodiac". Each pile in the "zodiac" is also dealt one card at the beginning. Remaining cards are set aside forming a stock pile. There is also an empty waste pile.

The game is played in two phases. In the first phase, all cards from the stock and the waste must be moved to the "zodiac" or, the "equator". No card can be moved to the foundation in the first phase. Each equator pile can only contain one card. Zodiac piles are built up or, down by suit.

Once all cards from the stock and waste files are moved to the "zodiac" and the "equator", second phase starts. In second phase cards from the "zodiac" and the "equator" are directly build onto the foundation. Cards can not be moved between the zodiac piles or, from a "zodiac" pile to the "equator.

- Save game state to play later
- Unlimited undo
- Game play statistics

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