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Zombi-X Hunter: ARMAGEDDON

25 Feb 2024 Game Of The Day

Zombi-X Hunter: ARMAGEDDON

by Ciphers Realm

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  • Zombi-X Hunter: ARMAGEDDON

Zombi-X Hunter! Shoot all the zombies and save the humans who are held hostages.

The whole city is burned down and zombies have taken all the major areas and the dead have taken over the whole city along with some survivors who are desperately waiting at your disposal to release them from zombies. But it won't be easy as the zombies are getting more and more powerful with each passing second.

Are you up for the challenge! But mind you these are not ordinary dead and mad zombies, they are advanced level zombies who can walk, run and will attack you with all they have. But remember don't shoot the hostage or your game will be over.

Variety of Zombies and Dead:
There are different variants of zombies in this action-packed thriller some are small part timers while the some have the abilities of a boss.
They attack in packs and won't give you any second chance to survive and will do everything to take you as their bait.

Addictive Gameplay:
This game is an offline zombie shooter game with simple game play. The game requires you to complete your duties by completely eliminating the enemies with your shooting, headshot and tactical skills.
Kill the zombies to get the bonus coins and equip yourself with the heavy ammo in the store to finish all the mad and dead zombies.
Hunt them down with your shooting skills.

Realistic Graphics and effect:
Game sounds and animations will make you feel the intensity and heat of the moment.
Follow the directions and kill all the zombies.
It is an action game that makes you feel wow.

In Store Purchases:
Kill the dead with new innovative ways and acquire the best:

Assault Riffle

Make your way up the ladder to acquire the latest ammo.

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