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Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer

by Rizwan Ali

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3D , Angry , War
  • Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer
  • Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer
  • Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer
  • Zombie Hunter Apocalypse FPS : Last Hope Slayer

Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse with astonishing 3D graphics first person shooting game. Your only goal is to survive this zombie apocalypse by hunting down entire last hope standing. The infection is spreading all around the zombie world including this virus is hurting badly zombie land, zombie town, zombie village, and zombie city ; you can only stop this by killing all zombie waves in these area. Are you ready for hunting down you know all humans are afraid of city zombie assault and specially save children's from zombie waves, living dead what zombie hunter hates and stop them forever to save the earth be top down shooter?

Zombie virus poisoned zombie land badly now you have the extra hunting power with FPS thrilling zombie hunting game auto fire feature. Large number of deaths coming from zombie Apocalypse in living dead city called zombie land. We need special trained zombie slayer and zombie shooter to terminate these zombie waves. All eyes on these people come quickly in zombie town and clear infection from entire zombie city because this biohazard zombie apocalypse hurting badly. You got a full arsenal of weapons and guns to keep defense is your last hope standing or zombie hunter out of your city. Get yourself loaded with fully automatic weapon and start hunting them down dead targets. You can find these zombie hunter dead target on the mini map and ambush them but be careful while approaching them because last hope will attack you as soon as they see you. They will also attack you when you shoot them be a real zombie hunter. Don’t let them get near you because they will give a lot of ground city zombies defense damage when they get near you. 

The zombie virus is so strong specifically in zombie villages or zombie town we are losing zombie defense in these areas only single zombie wave can destroy all. Most of our communication towers are lost recently news came from radio regarding special alarm SOS for zombie killers and zombie shooters in zombie village special trained zombie slayer squad fight won against biohazard zombie Apocalypse in living dead city. 

Zombie Hunter is totally free game with amazing different maps to play on and it also contains more than 20 missions to annihilate zombie killing with each map like zombie hunter in zombie village. Saving the world from zombie attack in zombie land not that much easy with this zombies attack completing the mission will also make it hard to complete in upcoming levels and the number of zombies attack also increases. New missions can be unlocking as you complete previous missions successfully keep enjoying zombie waves. Zombie hunter Apocalypse is a big challenge considering these guns are automatic so you don’t have to tap again and again to fire bullets just scroll and aim at the zombie hunt zombie land or zombie town, your gun will start shooting them. Zombie hunting waves are so strong with many zombies coming from different unknown directions let you down easily considering these we have introduced zombie attack vibration alert. It will make this game little easy and more enjoyable. 

Features of “Zombie Hunter Apocalypse : zombie hunt & zombie shooter ":
1. Amazing 3D graphics which make the gaming experience more enjoyable zombie killings.
2. Three maps to play on and hunt down be a real zombie hunter.
3. Large arsenal containing more than 20 weapons for shooting zombies in zombie defense.
4. The realistic 3D sound of zombie attack which is amazing in last hope series.
5. Smooth Controller which make it easy to kill zombie waves more easily.
6. Auto Fire when aiming at zombies first person shooter in zombies attack..

Become a deadly zombie hunter in this zombie land and clear your zombie land, stop this virus to spread all around the world. Download “Zombie Hunter Apocalypse: zombie land” and stop this zombie apocalypse once for all. And don’t forget to provide us your feedback.

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