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Zombie warfare with Axe

Zombie warfare with Axe

by InstaBerry Technologies

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  • Zombie warfare with Axe
  • Zombie warfare with Axe
  • Zombie warfare with Axe

The whole world is infected with one of the most deadliest virus that turns human beings into walking zombie monsters. This lethal virus spread out causing zombie outbreaks and people are in immediate danger, fighting for their lives. Humans are left with no other escape option but only to fight those monsters with the axe. You are only left who can bring this revolution of striking back against the deadly zombie and prevent the virus spread before it gets into crowds and becomes unstoppable to control.
Zombie warfare with axe is the most realistic first person shooting game with outclass eye catching graphics. You need to pick up your axe and walk around to kill the lethal zombies to reduce their count in the city and protect more and more human beings from their reach. This game is fully equipped with all the realistic and audience attractive graphics that tends to make it more interesting and you will love playing this game for hours without letting your phone down. The roaring voices, the infected faces with bloodshed of zombies will make you scare playing the zombie killing game with axe.
You have to complete all the mission to get your foremost job done, you will get a lot of pleasure will slaughtering those scary zombies around you in this zombie survival game online. Save the whole city and thousands of people from getting targeted by the zombies. Town city becomes a mysterious town, Zombies booth and zombie are coming like a tsunami from everywhere. Super evil dead target killers are your enemies. You are a specialist zombie’s tsunami hunter a super evil combat killer of the dead targets zombies only you are there for civilians. Do or die. Don’t hesitate!!! You are a fully trained shooter so; get started into the deadly war to save your city from deadly infected target zombie. Can you survive the deadly zombie Apocalypse? Yes, you can let’s start this MAYHEM war!!!
Zombie killing action game has different interesting levels getting tougher and tougher with time. Also the zombie count increases in different level making the job more complex for zombie hunter killer. You would have played thousands of zombie killing games but you will surely love this masterpiece with realistic game plays and scary zombie ever you have witnessed in your gaming life.

Key Features of this game:
This game has one of the most eye-catching breath-taking graphics along with some incredible horrible environment. The game play with surely make you start loving this game.
Easy Controls, fast actions, Get rewards & cash by killing zombies. Native touch screen controls that are easy to play. Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound effects depicting a grim zombie apocalypse, with this intense gameplay you could do everything that you want to kill zombies.
By killing zombies you get free rewards & cash!!! To play this awesome game and get rewarded then buy your fully advanced interesting rifles, pistol & guns, grenades. Enjoy shooting kill that evil!!
So don’t look for any other zombie game on google play store wasting your time, you are at right place. Download and enjoy the realistic game ever.

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