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Design Nominees


by DesignCue


Starting a company is a marathon, but you can get ahead by starting with a validated plan and good design. In 30 days, you’ll have everything you need to pitch investors, find cofounders, and build hype before your launch.

One of the biggest mistakes founders make is starting out the wrong direction. Whether it’s trying to tackle too much of the market or rushing into building a product, starting wrong can waste money or even kill a startup months in.

We aim to minimize this by carefully thinking through our founder’s ideas and developing a plan to best serve their users' needs. Next, we provide all the digital assets needed to start a company: branding, app frameworks, and marketing materials.

Every founder works with a product manager to develop an actionable plan for starting their company and building their first product. Then, a team of designers works to structure the app and brand visuals.

We're only accepting 5 startups into the project at a time. Apply below to get started:

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