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5th & Melody

23 Dec 2018 Site Of The Day

5th & Melody

by 5th & Melody

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The idea of 5th & Melody came from our extensive experience working with small to medium size businesses on their digital space. Often we would run across frustrated clients that had the same story, "my designer went missing," "we never could get in contact with them," "my site is outdated and down," "I don't have time to manage all this" and so on.

Talking to others, we realized that it's a massive problem in the industry and we decided to start a company that would make getting digital services seamless and affordable. Whether you need a custom website without worrying about the crazy maintenance to ongoing graphic design work without breaking the bank, we have you covered.

5th & Melody made it possible to get a non-cookie cutter custom website that enterprises have without the huge upfront cost and hassle. For a monthly rate, you get a custom website with a content management system, custom e-commerce experience, and excellent user experience. We will maintain it, update it and host it without any additional cost or contracts. Need more control of your site and have more requirements? We have the prestige plan just for that! We also found that our clients required graphic design services regularly, we improved that experience too — no more proposals, contracts or waiting. For a monthly subscription, you get ongoing graphic design whenever you needed it. Just send a request and will assign it to a designer. ‍ Our team: We maintain open culture and believe that everyone is a contributor. We believe team dynamic is one of the main ingredients to a healthy and successful company. We allow everyone to utilize their full set of skills, even if its not their primary.

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