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7Pranayama is an online website and app, through this online portal, you can learn pranayama, yoga asana, yoga mudras. By doing pranayama regularly using this app or web, your lungs become stronger, the problem of allergies, and the problem of cyanus are removed. Blood circulation in the body improves and immunity increases. It is helpful in removing the problem of blood pressure. Problems like diabetes end.

Pranayama develops body and mind. It has many physical and mental benefits but it cannot be used in place of any medicine etc. It is necessary that you learn and do this pranayama as per the instructions of a trained 7pranayama instructor. If you have any physical dilemma, then you should contact your doctor or any 7pranayama instructor before doing pranayama. Beginner to advanced yogis will find hundreds of class plans and asanas on the 7pranayama yoga app. Our online portal tries to make the process of learning a yoga routine simple and motivating.

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