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Advanced Pain Institute

Advanced Pain Institute

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Award-Winning Doctor, I. Michael Minehart, MD has over 30 years of experience helping patients treat and manage their pain. Dr. Minehart is an interventional pain physician treating every intervention, complication, and painful situation imaginable from his locations in both Encino and Arcadia, CA. With internships and fellowships at both USC and Ohio State University, Dr. Minehart has worked for years to expand the treatment options available to patients in need of relief.  

Dr. Minehart spends quality time with each patient, making sure to examine the patient’s history and perform a full physical examination to determine where and how the pain syndrome started and how it can be treated.

Dr. Minehart and his team of professionals have dedicated themselves to treating and helping patients get their lives back.

He has been experienced in pain management since he was a research fellow in 1984

In 1985, Dr. Minehart was involved in a study of an anti-inflammatory produced by Sterling Winthrop pharmaceutical. According to Dr. Minehart, the double-blinded study showed that it had good analgesic effects but it was stopped because the drug was found to block the cannabinoid receptor. Later in 1985, the drug company was conservative and afraid of the cannabinoid receptor on patients who were using

Doctor has been involved in various studies of monoclonal antibodies, calcium channel blockers, and different medications used to treat seizures, constipation, chronic pain, headaches, and more.

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