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Aerofloor Coatings LLC

Aerofloor Coatings LLC

by Aerofloor Coatings LLC

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we have ten years of experience in the flooring industry. Thanks to our highly trained and skilled crew, we’ve transformed multiple residential and commercial properties, including aircraft hangars. Our team specializes in quality epoxy flooring and concrete staining. No matter the size of your flooring project, we’ve got you covered!
Although concrete is durable and strong, it can wear and tear unevenly over time. But don’t worry! Aerofloor Coating is here to help you! We offer quality concrete staining and sealing services to improve your floors. Staining is a fast and cost-effective method to customize your concrete floors. We can create different designs tailored to your vision.

Once customized, we recommend sealing your concrete floors to protect the staining and extend its lifespan. Sealing works as a protective barrier from dust, dirt, and abrasion. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we’ll renovate your floors safely and efficiently. We also have vast experience working with aircraft hangars!
Quality Products

Our contractors combine the best materials and tools to ensure flawless results. We use sustainable products.

Personalized Service

We know every project is different, so we start fresh with every client. We evaluate vision to offer a personalized experience.



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