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Agnitra foundation

Agnitra foundation

by agnitra

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Vastu: "The study of the existence and the energy of your environment and their impact upon your daily life. Vastu refers to "House" Its foundations were formulated to bring about an equilibrium between the finest elements, namely. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air. Vastu Shastra for houses is a great idea for every room, every home and every temple, shop or industry, town-planning cities, as well as for earth. Vastu science is a great tool both at the micro and macro levels. It is a collection of scientific concepts designed for structure design according to the most effective method to ensure that your structure is in sync with nature and the flow of energy. This allows one to lead a balanced, healthy life. It is the science that shows how to keep the optimal balance between the five elements within a house and how to make the most of them for stimulating the mental and physical energy of residents. It helps to create positive vibrations and the flow of energy in the house. It's all about creating a peaceful environment by utilizing all five natural elements.

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