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by Brickhouse Games


Appzmarketplace is an online site which allows Android and iOS freelancers and application developers to buy and sell software applications. The online marketplace takes extra care of the security details of the buyers and sellers. Small jobs, also known as Micro Jobs can be purchased from as little as $1 depending on what the buyer needs help with. All jobs on Appzmarketplace are app related, from App Promotion and Marketing to App Design and Graphics. Whatever you are looking for you will find it here.


At Appzmarketplace you can hire an app developer for App Promotions and Marketing to App Design and Graphics, from as little as $5. Appzmarketplace is an easy to use market place where Android and iOS freelancers and application developers can share their skills. Our marketplace is beneficial for both buyers and sellers because it enables both to buy and sell app related services. Buyers can select the service of their choice and buy it directly from the seller. The sellers can post their services for users to view. If any user wants to buy a particular service they can place the order and make payment directly to the seller and can also send any special instructions necessary. After the app to be purchased is selected both the user and the buyer will be sent a confirmation email along with contact details. The seller can then contact the user via Appzmarketplace to deliver the buyer’s order. After the order is delivered to the buyer, he will verify that the order has been completed by marking it as “Delivered” or “Completed”.

Appzmarketplace offers the necessary security required by both buyers and sellers to continue such transactions. They do everything to provide one with the most secure platform possible. The service providers encourage the buyers to keep their transactions within Appzmarketplace payment system so that they can benefit from the security measures they have. Keeping the business inside Appzmarketplace guarantees that, they will be able to help the buyers and sellers with any issue later. They insist that the buyers don’t make any transactions outside Appzmarketplace payments system. They also encourage sellers to keep their business inside Appzmarketplace so that they can help the sellers with any issues.

For more details log on to http://www.appzmarketplace.com/

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