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by Awsquality


AwsQuality is a Salesforce Consulting company working with a business based globally and helping them in adopting Salesforce.com practice.

AwsQuality was founded on the grounds of principle to work as an organization which can provide an environment which can help make this world a better place, where every person is treated with equality and has the opportunity to grow as a better professional and as a person irrespective of its gender, caste, religion, and origin.

At AwsQuality we understand our customer expectations and what responsibilities we’ve as an organization to deliver. We’ve incorporated certain responsibilities into our business model that allow us to deliver.

  • Work Transparency – We strictly follow all procedures to make sure our work is delivered as promised with no hidden agendas. With Agile & Scrum methodology at the heart of our work, which allows the client to track every bit of work done and what is being delivered in a particular milestone.
  • IP Rights Protection – Founders at AwsQuality comes from great educational and professional backgrounds and understands what responsibility they’ve to go out an extra mile to protect client data.
  • Social Responsibility – AwsQuality understands its place in this world and take every measure to make it better. We use eco-friendly generators, travel by electric cycle, waste management, and other tasks to not harm the environment.
  • Employee Engagement: 86% of the engaged employee is happy at work. Employee turnover reduces by 87%, improved performance by 27%.
  • Human Resources: AwsQuality staff involved through payroll giving, fundraising activities and community volunteering.
  • Triple Bottom Line: AwsQuality people relate to fair and beneficial business practices towards labor, the community, and the region where we conduct our business.
  • Brand Management: AwsQuality strive for building customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values.
  • Philanthropy – AwsQuality support variety of non-profits which provide education to children who cannot fund themselves.