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Bertan Uzun

Bertan Uzun

by SEO Consultant Manchester

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Hello All, It is Bertan Uzun. A self-confident and easy-going SEO consultant. Having highly technical knowledge of the industry. I am interested in SEO since 2006. SEO is literally my main business since 2009.

I like Site-wide Search Engine Optimisation.
I know a bit JavaScript like JSON-LD, Lazy load techniques. I can embed remarketing-Retargeting-Conversation-Analytics codes.
Structured Data, Rich Results tests.
Crawling, Indexing Test + Fix the issues
Calculate the spam scores.
Increase the PageSpeed
Improve the content of the page.
Highly experienced in Google Analytics. +10 Google Website Tools experienced.
Advanced use of SEO tools. 7 great SEO tools experienced.

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