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Blaze Type

22 May 2019 Site Of The Day

Blaze Type

by Blaze Type


Our aim is to design, produce and distribute beautiful typefaces which will age gracefully and provide incredible functionality over their years of use in what we think is the most fair way possible for each parties.

We dedicate our time to the design of innovative retail typefaces for our own Type Catalogue and to the design of custom typefaces for diverse clients. We don’t distribute our fonts anywhere else but here. We consider typefaces not only as softwares but also as tools. Therefore, we produce complex font-family with a wide set of glyphs and alternates. Our tools should be used in a fair and flexible way without limitation, as such we offer a very flexible desktop/web licensing which allow our clients to benefit fully from our products on any amount of projects they want: whether they be printed, digital or broadcasting.

If you had to buy a hammer, you should be allowed to use it as much as you want, on whatever you want, wouldn’t you agree? Buying a typeface should be easy. As such, each of our fonts will always cost the same price. We want you to be able to choose exactly which product you want. You can select multiple fonts of your liking and you will be granted a very interesting discount when you desire to work with more than one of our products (the more you get, the bigger the discount).

In this digital era where distributing a software is as simple as copying it from one workstation to the other we believe reimplementing the idea of a Typeface as a sort of “hardware” is a way of questioning the whole idea of digital distribution and adding another layer of beauty and uniqueness to a font design.

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