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26 Feb 2018 Site Of The Day


by Brainhub

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Brainhub is a JavaScript software development company that builds scalable web, desktop and mobile applications. So if you are looking to build your scalable application with Node.js Developers, React developers, Electron Developers, React Native, React VR, Typescript or more tools/frameworks based on JavaScript - You couldn't find a better team to work with. 

Our clients are include experienced serial entrepreneurs, well-funded startups and Fortune 500 companies. We're trusted by customers from the US, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and more. Thanks to our expertise, companies like National Geographic, iProspects, Medicover, Wonga, PwC, Luxury Presence, InPost and Agora can be found in our portfolio. 

As one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe (18x revenue growth within 3 years) and with very high employee retention (2 people have left us in the last three years), we're eager to help technology driven companies to achieve their business goals with our help. All that is possible thanks to our great team. 

Based in Poland (Gliwice & Warsaw), with 35 amazing people who uphold our values like craftsmanship, predictable results and a focus on business impact. 

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