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Custom designed Italian leather bags for women and men.

Have you always wanted a designer bag that would suit your needs and your character in everyday life, in recreation, in business and at work? Now it is possible and convenient. Design your dream bag in a WhatsApp conversation on your mobile. It all starts with choosing the model you want, the desired leather and the perfect design in your eyes. Ofra Davidi, designer of leather bags for women and men in your line... For 10 years Ofra has designed many models of functional leather bags which, even after many years of use, still look like new. Without leaving the house, looking for parking, paying for parking, finding the address - call my studio today and together we will design your dream bag in less than fifteen minutes. With an emphasis on professionalism, speed and the exact line, all in a personal, discreet and professional atmosphere. In addition - you can choose from the huge and diverse selection on my website.

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