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CannaPlus Limited

CannaPlus Limited

by CannaPlus Limited

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CannaPlus+ is New Zealand’s first internationally affiliated medical cannabis clinic network and telemedicine platform. They work alongside CannaWay Clinic, the largest physician-led medical cannabis clinic network in Canada, bringing safe, affordable, and quality medical cannabis to treat and manage symptoms of various medical conditions.

CannaPlus+ strives to empower the lives of New Zealanders by removing barriers to medicinal or medical cannabis treatment. Personalised treatment plans are thoughtfully catered to meet each patient's specific needs. The CannaPlus+ team of cannabis doctors cater to a broad spectrum of patients across a breadth of health concerns and ensure patients get access to the best treatment options available. They are highly qualified senior medical consultants specialising in oncology, palliative care, dermatology, acute and chronic pain, inflammation, gut health, joint issues, and muscular pain.

CannaPlus+ is challenging the status quo by educating health professionals and patients about the uses and health benefits of medicinal cannabis. This way, Kiwis obtain the knowledge they need, enabling them to make their own choices.

CannaPlus+ and CannaWay Clinic bring the highest level of medical care with comprehensive cannabis treatment plans for patients with cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and more. Medical cannabis is also prescribed for anxiety, depression, and PTSD treatment.

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