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Cashiya Personal Finance Personalized

Cashiya Personal Finance Personalized

by Asvi Mobisol


Cashiya Personal Finance is a simple, powerful, fast and easy application for Income, Spend & Personal finance Management with a precise user interface.

This app is designed in such a way, which not only makes budgeting easier and convenient, but a lot more interactive & exciting for user.

This app is capable in providing users with all his account summary & transaction history with just one click and no other action required.

 Manages your income or expenses, just by reading your transactions messages.

 User can Search a specific transaction detail, with only one click.

 Automatically converts transactions into categories with icons and set background color to identify easily.

 Specify category wise budget on weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

 User can also define the transactions manually or add new transactions in case of cash transactions.

 Always keep your accounts in sync.

 User can have a birds eye view of all bank accounts/ debit cards/ credit cards on one screen.

 simple application just open and use, No need of help or any setting.

 Can manage any number of accounts.

 User can also download or email the account wise summary and transaction details in PDF format for any month(s).


Loans & Insurance-


This app enables the user to compare & apply for any type of loan or insurance. User can choose from categories mentioned below and apply online. Users can also pay their premiums online.


- Personal Loan

- Home / Housing Loan

- Auto / Car Loan

- Students/ Education Loan

- Business Loan

- Loan against Gold

- Loan against Property

- Loan against Fixed Deposits

- Loan against Policies


- Car Insurance

- Health Insurance

- Term Life Insurance

- Travel Insurance

- ULIP Insurance

- Two Wheeler Insurance

- Mediclaim Insurance

- Personal Accident Insurance


Other Features:


Cashiya application comes with inbuilt finance calculators.

#Cashiyaapp Main Page

List of calculators :

                Wealth Calculator

                EMI Calculator

                Savings calculator

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