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Catering meat on fire - bbq grill

Catering meat on fire - bbq grill

by Hamangalistim

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The main meat catering service provides meat catering services on fire, for private events in all conditions and in every region of the country. We specialize in small events and give the guest a quality, delicious and fun meat experience.
The chef offers meat catering for events of all kinds. The catering team will be happy to reach you until the event and provide you with a quality bbq grill service with a salad logo and hot add-ons along with a professional team who can cook you exactly what it takes to have a unique successful event. 

Catering grill meat on fire for events
The catering is an expert on fire events such as prestigious events such as weddings, business events and luxury events.
We provide a pool of chefs who are all expert in grilled meats for events and basically know how to make every menu according to the needs of power abortion and the type of event planned. The catering is led by a well-known and well-known event chef and underneath there is a whole system of kitchen and service workers
We offer you the host to choose the menu that suits you from 2 menus to choose from. Our service includes professional staff, dinnerware and serving position.
Services for all types of events:

  • Catering for small events
  • Catering for big events
  • Catering for private events at home
  • Catering for business events and organizations
  • Catering for educational institutions

If you are planning to do an event that is due soon please contact us today so that we can build together the must-have item best suited for a fine meat grill event.
We assure you that you will receive a complete envelope from us that has everything you need to do the event successfully and smoothly. The amount of compliments you receive at the end of the event is part of our Service Tim Center and we strive for every event is every time everyone is
 For a quote for the event contact us through the website or the call center and we will be happy to make you available.

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