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by Chee-Ron's


We at Chee-Ron’s Training and Consulting aim to provide the actual benefit of training to the young generation which helps them to get into Right Job and focus on providing SMART+ Recruitment Solutions to our clients.

 S   Successful + Specific
M  Measurable + Manageable 
A   Analysis + Adaptable
R   Relevant + Responsible
T   Time Bound + Talented

Making Simple Complicated is Easy, But Making Complicated Look Simple is Talent.

Team Chee-Ron'S

We pioneer in introducing “REAL TIME EXPERIENCE IN THE METHOD OF TRAINING” this, in turn, will be beneficial for both our candidates and clients. Knowledge can be acquired through training however without practical experience an enlargement of knowledge will not result in an efficient performance which will actually help a candidate get the right job. Therefore, the challenge is how to create a practically focused and efficient employee with a job-oriented course.

The key for an efficient training is the blending of different training methods and its integration into a customized syllabus. This combination of theory and practice throughout the course creates a more efficient training thus producing a proficient staff rather than knowledgeable personnel.

"We at Chee-Ron’s believe at the concept of “Learning by doing” and hence practice the same extensively."

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