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Codetru Software

Codetru Software

by Codetru

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Codetru always strives to devise a holistic approach to designing & developing futuristic web based applications that are future ready. Having delivered many web based applications 

Web Application Planning
With all the enormous real-time experience gained from handling many web application development projects, our business experts will identify the project requirements and summarise the magnitude of the prospective web application. Later, the project managers will provide the top-tier project plan with approximate time and budget requirements. Also, roll up respective team members to pull the application development process.

Considering your intended audience's expectations and needs, Codetru UI and UX professionals will create engaging interfaces and insightful navigation for your web application. We ensure a higher user satisfaction rate and so the conversion rate through effortless & responsive web application design.

Application Development
Web development architects at Codetru are well versed with most cutting-edge web architecture patterns including Progressive web applications (PWA), microservices & headless while our developers are well proficient in handling web development tools in real time. Generally, this phase comprises two major scenarios - front end development and back end development. In precise, front end development is effectively executing and handling the visual experience of the user while using the application. Whereas the backend part is nothing but regulation of data and ensuring smooth flow on the client side.

QA (Quality Assurance)
In order to deliver a highly functional user interface and superior user experience while employing web applications or portals, we make the developed application undergo the Quality Assurance Process. By implementing the QA process, we will acknowledge the performance of the application alongside detecting bugs and errors, which went unnoticed during the development process.

Upgrade & Metamorphosis
With an eye toward maintaining the accord between the client and the user, we steadily optimize and develop the application. Our industry developers will never leave a stone unturned when it comes to implementing or integrating the latest features to the application which can uplift the user engagement from every corner.


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