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Contalog Omnichannel Platform

Contalog Omnichannel Platform

by Contalog

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Contalog is an omnichannel digital commerce platform that helps wholesale and retail businesses minimize their individual management efforts put for each digital selling channels (Ex: ecommerce store, mobile app) by providing a single centralized platform.

With Contalog, business owners can take care of inventory, orders, warehouse operations product information, customer information at ease. Real-time updates, on orders, stock changes, stock transfers between warehouses, multiple-variant support, bin location, warehouse activity monitoring are some of the management duties that can be performed using Contalog.

With integrations like Amazon, eBay and Contalog can help you manage your selling on 3rd party marketplaces easily. Contalo’s B2B platform is for business owners who want to cater to B2B audience with a B2C experience.

Being a SaaS solution, Contalog is hosted on Amazon cloud and can be hosted on dedicated, 3rd party cloud servers.

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