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Corpus ATV platform

Corpus ATV platform

by Divami Design Labs


The Indian rural areas have generally been neglected in terms of technology solutions, especially those that need high degrees of connectivity and bandwidth. Following government initiatives that extend high-speed fiber networks to rural areas, the time is right for video streaming services targeted at the rural audience. The Corpus ATV application offers a complete platform for Live TV viewing and on-demand Video along with integrated communication via Skype, a gaming and app platform through the Play Store. One key differentiator is the integration of educational and farming content along with entertainment, which we believe is the biggest value add to the rural Indian population. The goal of the project was to define a new UX and Design that is both contemporary, appeal to the international market while catering to the Indian rural segment and complies with ATV(Android TV) standards.

Our Approach 

Throughout the design process, we conducted user studies and analysed patterns to ensure the design is easy to use and met the needs of our consumers. We used formal research techniques to elicit ideas to guide our designs. We also verified our design on various TVs to ensure the most optimised colours and layouts. We worked on each specific usage scenario based on user's self-reported interests. Users provided qualitative feedback and rated the service across usability and desirability metrics.

A major challenge of this project was to design an interface that would be useable by the Indian rural population that is far behind on the technology adoption curve, yet be rich and sophisticated enough to appeal to the global audience for future expansion. Furthermore, functionality that is as diverse as delivering content for primary school children, Video calling, Live TV/VOD, CCTV monitoring and much more had to be presented in an integrated fashion without overwhelming the user.

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