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Crown Digital Marketing

Crown Digital Marketing

by Crown Digital Marketing

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Founded in 2022 by Jordan King, Crown Digital Marketing has worked with amazing brands helping them achieve desired results and expand on new horizons.

As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency with extensive experience in real estate, tech, and marketing verticals, we're happy to push our clients above the boundaries and achieve business growth. The agency started out helping smaller brands in the environmental and legal sector grow, having had the pleasure of boosting great returns for our clients and streamlining the sales pipeline.

Today, we're working with well-known brands and companies in the sectors of hotel, real estate, and e-commerce, and continuing to expand our portfolio. Our clients and their experience are our biggest branding and we're exceptionally proud of their success stories. 

With Crown Digital Marketing, you'll be in the right hands if you're looking to build a brand and improve customer acquisition, and sales pipeline, and really grow your business through a highly personalized approach based on your business needs.

Remove bottlenecks in your business, identify KPIs that matter based on your personalized target demographics, and focus on a revenue-building model highly tailored to best practices and deep audits. We use several strategies to find the best-matching solution and will keep a close communication channel to get a clear understanding of your biggest pain points.

Get in touch with us, we'd love to help you grow.

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