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by cyberradarsystems


We are one of the leading service providers of Novoshield #DLP which is one of the world’s best #DataLossPrevention software. It helps in protecting your business data and other important information more efficiently. Cyber Radar Systems provides business-enhancing data loss prevention solutions and services that will safeguard your data from potential continuous data hacks. We have a 3-dimensional policy to protect your #data all the time.

CIA- Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

-Confidentiality: We protect your data from unauthorized access gaining across to an organization’s data without permission

-Integrity: Data Integrity as a process describes measures used to ensure the validity and accuracy of a data set or all data.

-Availability: We ensure the availability of data that your business needs to function is always accessible when and where required.

• #Theft, #Hacking & Internal Threats

• Manage #Risk Across Entire Systems

• Data Discovery and Security and network penetration testing

• Sensitive Data Loss Prevention Formula


Join hands with us and get the best ever Data Loss Prevention software from #NovoShield and other benefits like free consultancy and great #support. #cybersecurityservices #bestservicesincybersecurity #cyberthreats,#cyberattacks #cybersecurityservices #ethicalhackingservices, #datalosspreventionstandards #datalossprevention #cyberthreatintelligence


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