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Digitaleyes Market

Digitaleyes Market

by Digitaleyes Market


We have the Digital Eyes NFT marketplace platform. From the first view, it feels more like Ethereum NFT art platforms SuperRare and Foundation. Offering users a more curated platform tailoring to art and collectibles. Additionally allowing them to sell their own creations and any already owned Solana NFTs. Digital Eyes also offers a launchpad for NFT projects which aims to provide creators with the technical infrastructure required to create and launch NFTs into the Solana ecosystem. Something we have seen in the DeFi world as successful platforms help others to launch through white-listed token sales and early access. Offering investors the chance to stake their new tokens to earn more while the platform stabilizes. While the performance of Digital Eyes is not as significant as Solanart it still represents a leading dapp on the network, and one quickly taking on competitors on other networks. In the last 7 days, the platform attracted over 15,000 active users that completed over 62,000 transactions, driving $1.89 million in volume through the NFT marketplace.

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