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Dr Uday Meghnathi

Dr Uday Meghnathi

by Dr Uday Meghnathi

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Dr. Uday Meghnathi is one of the best orthopedic doctor in Vadodara, Gujarat. Do you experience pain in your joints or suffer from any type of orthopedic complications? Walk into Dr. Uday's clinic to meet the top orthopedic surgeon in Baroda. He is the first choice and the best knee replacement surgeon in Vadodara. He follows revolutionary and latest techniques to conduct various surgeries. Are you looking for an excellent spine surgeon in Vadodara? If so, you can take a consultation with one of our renowned knee specialists in Vadodara.

Various types of exclusive treatment, including frozen shoulder treatment, are available in our orthopedic hospital in Vadodara. We are the industry leader in providing heel pain treatment. We are the source of comfort and consolation for all patients with various types of orthopedic problems and discomforts. Rapid recovery is the prime aim of our fractures treatment service in Vadodara. Feel free to walk into our treatment centers round the clock.

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