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by Dusservice

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Dusservice founded in Munich, Germany in 1963 and established branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1996 and 1998 respectively. Now it has developed into one of the leading integrated facilities management services companies in China and Hong Kong. usservice has grown into one of the leading integrated facility management services companies in Greater China, with more than 5 branches in Hong Kong and China. Our trusted brand holds unparalleled positions in technical services, security services, environmental services solutions. With the investment of CITIC capital in early 2020, indicates the company is expecting to better respond and satisfy the diverse needs from clients in the regional market and continuously improve the capabilities to provide customers with higher-quality and value-added services, while accelerate the investment for integrated facility management territories driven by advanced automation technology in terms of cleaning robots, RFID and mobile tools as well as energy management field.

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