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e- Indian Visa

e- Indian Visa

by e- Indian Visa

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  • E-IndianVisa is the organization responsible for marketing India to the world as a tourist destination. The major tool we use to do this is the 100% pure E-IndianVisa marketing campaign, a campaign that has evolved over the past couple of months to make E-IndianVisa one of the world's most well-respected tourism brands for India.
  • E-visa has helped Indian tourism grow leaps and bounce through the eTourist Visa facility given by the Indian government. During December 2014, a total of 14083 eTV were issued in comparison to 2700 eTV during December 2013 to tourist visiting India. By January 2015 a total of 39046 eTV were issued which registered an overall growth of 421.6% in Indian tourism. This whole process has brought in a huge influx of tourist in India and as a brand we e-IndianVisa are playing a major role in dealing with this flood or tourists.
  • Understandably, an organization like E-IndianVisa which is capable of managing this magnitude of tourist does not grow by itself. In a fiercely contested global tourism marketplace, E-IndianVisa is responsible for ensuring Indian tourism remains attractive internationally as a visitor’s destination.
  • Through this 100% Pure E-IndianVisa campaign we take India's story to consumers, the travel trade and the global media, while working with the tourism industry to ensure we deliver on the promises made through our campaign.
  • e-IndianVisa is a Crown Entity in India and has been established solely for the purpose of developing the Indian Tourism. We are led by a Board of Directors of Tourism and have a team of around 150 staff in 9 offices in India. From humble beginnings, we are now one of the top tourism marketing departments in the world.

What We Do and How We Do It?

  • To achieve maximum output from the tourism industry with limited resources, E-IndianVisa's marketing activity is carefully focused on a number of key markets around the world and selective group of consumers within those key markets
  • We work offshore to encourage our target market. Our advertising, media and events activity is continually evolving, to stay one step ahead of our competitors.
  • As well as marketing to consumers, our trade training, marketing and media program is designed to ensure that those who sell eTV for India have the knowledge and understanding to do so well.
  • E-IndianVisa works with the Indian tourism industry to make sure we deliver a hassle free holiday experience to our visitors, so they go home recommending e-IndianVisa to their friends and family.

Our Role and Capability

  • Our role is to promote eTV for India and India internationally as a tourist destination. Tourism marketing is about portraying Indian tourism in a way that it fuels the desires of the world's travelers to visit our shores and it ensures that India remains a priority tourist destination.
  • E-IndianVisa's Statement of Intent outlines our roles and responsibilities as a Crown Entity, and our intentions for the coming years ahead.
  • The 100% Pure E-IndianVisa campaign showcases India as fun, popular and accessible, and focuses on the experiences you as a visitor can have within the stunning landscapes and awesome sceneries of India. It is vital when our visitors get here that their experience reflects what they have been promised by the campaign.
  • Through our research and work with the Indian tourism industry and our involvement in the initiatives, certainly e-IndianVisa.com is able to help deliver on that promise.

Campaign and Activity

  • E-IndianVisa's tourism marketing campaign is 100% Pure Indian. It is used in all of our international marketing work - including advertising, international PR activity and online marketing, event and sponsorship activity.

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