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Edwin Industrial Co., Limited

Edwin Industrial Co., Limited

by Edwin Industrial Co., Limited

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EDWIN PUMP under the company of: GOLDEN FALCON INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMINTED provides a wide range of water pumps and water treatment peripheral products to customers around the world. Our factory mainly produces three types of pumps: they are deep well pumps, sewage submersible pumps and household pumps. At the same time, when customers have demand, we also provide customers with other related water treatment products by a professional working team from the company: Taizhou Haipai Import & Export Co., Ltd, the products such as: various water pipes, joints, pressure tanks, control switches, inverters and so on. Solar pumps and modules are also a big advantage for us. For those products that we source for customers, we also assure you good quality, professional service, strict quality control. With a devoted team of highly experienced engineers, a completed procedure of rigorous testing, and a group of professional marketing members, EDWIN has long been recognized by customers,spreading its business worldwide.

EDWIN’s products include more than 40 series, 2000 models, which are applied to a variety of fields, such as agriculture, forestry and irrigation water, living water, industrial water and pumping stations, municipal engineering, building water supply systems and sewage/water treatment, etc.

With a vision to serve all customers with high quality products and considerate service , EDWIN has helped many customers become the leaders in their markets.


Our Goal
Exceed customer expectations by manufacturing and trading quality products that are delivered on time, and developing innovative technologies by collaboration with customers, employees and suppliers.

Customer Superior
Providing service exceeding market value and customer expectation by adhering to the concept of “Your Satisfaction, My Wish” to achieve customer all-round satisfaction. 
Human Orientated
Employees are the most valuable resource of an enterprise. It is the commitment to respect knowledge, respect individuals and encourage and help individual development.

Integrity First
Integrity is the precondition for an enterprise to keep foothold and development; keeping promise is the basic principle of our operating management.
Harmony Valued
“The function of ritual is harmony” is the policy to deal with affairs. The company asks all the employees to strengthen teamwork and deal with the relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and other relevant parties with the harmony-valued attitude.

Efficiency Focused
The company asks the employees to do the right thing in a right way, measures the business performance by efficiency怀and encourages employees to make further progress and create high performance.

Restraint Balanced
Being steady, profound and reticent is the way the executive leaders and employees act.

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