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by FarmtoHome


In India, nearly 99% selling of fruits and vegetables happen at cart vendors end. These vendors buy their goods from the market via the commission agents who in turn buy the yield of farmers. The farmers bring their fruit/vegetables to the market and sell them to the commission agents. The farmer sells his yield to the agent in the grain market and from there, the vendors buy it to resell the fruits and vegetables. There can be multiple agents between the farmers and the consumers which results in the increased cost of the yield.

But out of this increased cost of the yield farmer is merely getting the production cost. Farm to Home aims  increase the profit of the farmers. This is how Farm to Home changes the scenario:

• Farm to Home will offer more per quintal rates to the farmers thus helping the farmers to earn more.

• F2H will be responsible for picking the yield from the farm thus removing transportion expenses farmers, again adding to their savings.

• F2H will charge only a fraction of the commissions an agent charges keeping the cost of yield in check.

• Consumers will receive the yield at lower rates again helping the consumers to save more.

•F2H will make sure the yield comes to the consumer in hygienic condition thus removingthe uncertainty factor in quality