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by Wiinnova software Labs

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Mobile surveys are usually online surveys. They can be Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), Customer Effort Survey (CES), Customer Pulse Survey or the survey can have any other objective. The gist is that mobile surveys can be employed to fulfil a number of objectives.

Mobile surveys have several competitive advantages, which are as follows:

  1. User Centric

The biggest advantage of using mobile surveys is that mobile phones are particularly customer centric. They keep the customer as the top priority. The customer, who is the surveyee here, has to take minimum possible effort. All the surveyee has to do is open the survey and fill it up according to his/her convenience.

  1. Efficient

As mentioned above, mobile surveys are customer centric. They are efficient for the customer as they demand minimum time and energy from the customer. In a fast moving world, people are always short of time. They will be more willing to do something that is less time consuming than it is productive as compared to its opposite.

  1. Flexible

Mobile surveys are very flexible. The customer can fill it, inquire the respective company regarding the survey or anything in general, anytime anywhere. People have jam-packed schedules these days, and the market is highly competitive. The customer can get any company at the drop of a hat. So it is not the customers who should take off time for the companies, but the vice versa.

  1. Real time data

Mobile surveys allow the customers to provide the businesses with data at anytime of the year, this gives the companies access to real time data round the year.

  1. Builds Loyalty

Mobile surveys connect businesses directly to their customers and vice versa. There is hardly any communication barrier and greater transparency. All this helps the respective businesses in building loyalty. Instant and direct communication can go a long way. First it might help businesses in building loyalty, then help them in handpicking the most loyal of their customers and eventually, they may develop brand ambassadors out of this creamy layer of loyal customers.

  1. An edge

Any firm that will put in this amount of effort smartly will get a competitive edge in the market, over dozens of other businesses that are of similar nature. The firm will simply stand out in the market.

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