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Finance Pro

Finance Pro

by GuruLabs

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Development of a corporate website of a factoring company «Finance Pro»



To develop a corporate website that would be easy, informative and functional at the same time.

The algorithm is the following:

1. Marketing Research

Before starting work, a complex of preliminary activities were done:

- marketing research;

- acompany's competitors and their websites were analyzed;

- the concept of the website is formed on the basis of the discussions the participants of our team

2. Create a site layout

After agreeing the project concept, the team started to develop the designt. The designer had to present a stylish and at the same time concise art for the corporate website.

The designer managed to present the company in the right way. The main advantages of the company are now obvious to the potential customers.

3. Development, testing and launch of the website

After the development of the design concept and the coordination with the client, technical experts started to do their part of the work. They filled the website with all the necessary functions. Required design chips and technological features have been implemented.

Result: Every day the website gives the company «Finance Pro» new customers. That’s the way it goes! This is a success! And the success of our customers is the main objective of our work!

Technology: 7 PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

Platform: 1C-Bitrix: Site Management

Team: 5 members (layout designer, webpage designer, 2 developers, project manager).

Website address: https://financepro.market

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